Senior Full-Stack Developer

A little about us at Generate_Impact. We exist to empower the benevolence creators of the world through great people, frictionless processes and innovative technology. And through the humanitarian, social impact, sustainability and for-profit-for-good organizations and causes we support, our mission is to serve those who are changing the world.

Our culture. We are seeking people who are passionate about helping others and share the same values as us - Prioritizing People, Embracing Ownership, Practicing Humility, Thinking Practically, and Promoting Innovation. We want team members who look at their jobs as a way to make a difference in the world. We are headquartered in Harrisonburg, Virginia and have a mix of local and remote talent.

We are Hiring! We are looking to bring on a Senior Full-Stack Developer for a full-time, remote (US) position. This Developer will assist in the design, coding, and testing of technical solutions alongside our current team of developers. Our ideal candidate will understand standard development procedures, lifecycle processes and apply our methodology effectively on client engagements, as well as applying knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients. This position will have the opportunity to work on different projects for different clients. This could range in large applications, to smaller APIs.

What does this mean to you? The Senior Full-Stack Developer will be responsible for writing, maintaining, testing and documenting code for applications and platforms and ensuring code will adhere to internal coding standards. In this role you will function as an integral part of the development team, actively contributing towards the development of our tools, services and platforms. We are looking for someone who understands project and development plans and clearly articulates roles, project goals. and timelines. You will also need to support any debugging/rework efforts as needed.

The requirements. The Senior Full-Stack Developer will have at least 3 years of professional coding experience. We need someone who is familiar with, if not proficient in, Javascript, C#, and/or Open Source Languages. Experience with Unit Tests, Jest and RSpec are highly desirable. A Bachelor's Degree is preferred, but not required.

Not your basic developer….more details (keep reading). Please apply only if you have demonstrated experience in C#, .NET/.NET Core, JavaScript, querying data, writing stored procedures with T-SQL/SQL Server, and Redux state management. Any knowledge of React/React Native, Entity Framework, and WebAPI will be a plus. As we already discussed, you must have experience in debugging tools and testing methodologies. If you really want to wow us, demonstrated experience with version control systems, CI/CD pipelines, and SCRUM environments would be impressive.

The nitty gritty. Getting into some very specific qualifications, we would prefer someone who has experience with Agile software development, building and supporting software for use in live production environments and a good understanding of Design Patterns like single responsibility, observer, etc...Any working experience with Material UI, Tailwind, or Playbook would be nice. Knowledge about E2E testing with either Playwright, Pupeteer or Cypress would also be nice. Lastly, experience with CI/CD pipelines would be great.

The non-tangibles. We need someone who has excellent time management skills, ability to prioritize tasks and learn quickly and independently. Effective communication skills are essential for our team. You need to be able to work in a cross-disciplinary, distributed team.

The final, and very important, details. This position is full-time and is eligible for benefits. This position is classified as exempt according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This Position is open to candidates that are authorized to work in the US and not requiring H-1B or other visa, and willing to work some EST time zone hours. Candidates in California, New York, Washington, New Jersey are not eligible at this time.

Quick Benefits Overview:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Extended Medical Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401K Plan