3D for COVID

Volunteers Produce 3D Printed PPE

Volunteers Produce 3D Printed PPE
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

To save lives, volunteers are 3D printing personal protective equipment. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles have plummeted. To overcome the shortage, The Prusa Printers Organization designed a 3D printed face-shield that could be fabricated by volunteers at home. 

Using this design the 3D for COVID movement was formed overnight to virtually organize volunteers and distribute the printed PPE where needed most. Thousands of local volunteers have joined the mission by printing and distributing life-saving equipment. 

Nick Lamb shared this story, since joining 3D for COVID he has printed over 50 masks that are protecting medical staff on the front lines. Nick’s video above shows a time-lapse of the face-shields being printed. 

The Reality

Due to the shortage doctors and medical staff have been forced to reuse single masks for weeks at a time, greatly increasing their chances of infection. This movement demonstrates how technology and communities can come together to overcome human challenges. 3D for COVID needs funding for materials and volunteers to help print and assemble the shields. Click below to volunteer and support their cause. 

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