ChildFund Alliance

Supporting the Second Revolution to End Children’s Suffering

ChildFund Alliance: Supporting the Second Revolution to End Children’s Suffering
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

A new report spanning 30 years has revealed that the promise made by the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child to support and protect all children’s health and rights has left millions overlooked, and forced to suffer due to an unfinished agenda. 

This report created by the Joining Forces Alliance (an alliance of the six leading children’s rights advocacy organizations) is calling for a second revolution in universal children’s rights. Members like the ChildFund Alliance, suggest that governments take immediate action to target those who continue to suffer outside of current regulations while organizing efforts to end it now. 

The global network of 11 children’s rights and development organizations that make up the ChildFund Alliance, are dedicated to ending the violence and exploitation of children and their families by creating community based development programs. This sustainable development plan is helping to create supportive networks and additional aid, so they can impact those suffering in silence in every community.  

For organizations and political groups to take immediate action, groups like ChildFund Alliance are taking part in this second revolution to embrace and carry out the change that is needed. This effort to impact lives globally will not end until EVERY child’s voice is heard and protected. 

There is More to Do

According to the report, globally, more than 5 million children die every year from preventable causes, due to lack of aid and resources. Organizations like ChildFund Alliance are combating these statistics with immediate action, and helping to create a sustainable future for every child. 

To learn more about the second revolution check out the report from the Joining Forces Alliance. To learn more about the organizations like ChildFund Alliance that are supporting children’s rights through action, click the link below.

Second Revolution Report