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Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

Nonprofit Superfan

By any measure, the last year has been tough.

No need to fill space explaining why. Absolutely every person on our planet has been impacted by it. No matter who you are, COVID-19 has been an inescapable event.

In reflecting on that fact, we were struck by a realization: Ultimately, almost every problem we face can be described as a climate problem.

Whether it is the climate of our planet, our society, our culture, our discourse, absolutely everything is connected and inseparable, and in one way or another has an impact on our environment.

As a result of this connection, there is also inescapable logic we must face together if we are to preserve this paradise on which we reside:

1. We live on a beautiful planet called Earth, perfectly suited to support our lives.

2. Earth is floating in an infinite expanse of cold blackness that is not at all hospitable to us.

3. It would take at least 40,000 years to get to a star with another Earth, so we are not going there any time soon.


4. Earth is our only home and we have an obligation to ourselves, each other and our children to take care of it.

That is why the mission of is so incredibly important. They are doing the essential work of educating and mobilizing BILLIONS of people around the globe to drive positive action for our planet.

So we salute the heroes at, an Org We Love. They are working to protect our home, and all of us. On Earth Day and every other day, let’s support them however we can. Here’s how:

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