Extreme Kids & Crew

Transforming Homes into Virtual Safe Spaces

Extreme Kids & Crew: Transforming Homes into Virtual Safe Spaces
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

In a time where going outside means risking your life or threatening others, Individuals with disabilities all over the country are losing access to aid and social networks as most of the country has shut down. 

For individuals with disabilities, isolation can be especially devastating to mental health and education. Organizations like Extreme Kids & Crew are overcoming this reality by bringing their supportive network online, so no one feels alone. 

The team at Extreme Kids & Crew are finding new ways to play together, even though they can’t be together. Each activity is designed to encourage creativity and independence while celebrating differences. Parents, who no longer have access to in-home care are invited to attend virtual support groups to help make every home a safe space. 

Their virtual community is now expanding to a nationwide network of advocates that are flipping the narrative for the disability community by empowering every individual to be heard and feel connected. 

Virtual Reality

For 9 years  Extreme Kids & Crew and their incredible team have been serving thousands of families in the disability community and transforming lives every day. As virtual is becoming our new normal, creating engaging online experiences for individuals with disabilities is crucial to their education and development. To further their digital engagement series, Extreme Kids & Crew need YOUR support! Click the link below to donate to this incredible organization, or sign up for one of their virtual programs.

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