Using Golf For The Greater Good

Golf Status.Org: Using Golf For The Greater Good
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist
Generate_Impact is empowering nonprofit organizations crippled by COVID with golf! 

The economic shutdown has caused a steep decline in charitable giving and postponed fundraising events for nonprofits, threatening their ability to serve people’s needs and even stay afloat. As resorts and businesses cautiously reopen their doors, engaging supporters through safe fundraising environments to generate operational funds has become a critical need.’s innovative fundraising technology platform makes that process easier than ever. Through custom event websites, contact-free registration, easy promotion, flexible sponsorship opportunities, live scoring, online leaderboards, multi-channel communication tools, and a back-end interface to manage players and sponsors, taking the complexities out of staging a successful event. 

GolfStatus’s Director of Marketing Katie Casillas had this to say, “We built our technology to solve problems like inefficiency, siloed information, poor communication, high costs and risks associated with upgrading the professionalism of these events. In doing so, we also created a streamlined, contact-free solution that can help fundraisers safely rally through this time, and we’re humbled to be in a position to help the sector and the communities it impacts.” facilitates thousands of golf fundraisers nationwide. Now more than ever, the company remains focused on its mission: To help nonprofits leverage golf’s inextricable link to charitable giving to engage more supporters, raise more mission-critical dollars, drive impact, and do more good.

Driving Impact

GolfStatus has been developing technology in the golf space since 2011. Through , the division of the company devoted to helping nonprofits, the organization provides intuitive and powerful fundraising tools that keep golfers happy and donors engaged while saving the nonprofit’s time and resources. By using benevolent technology to go beyond the game and help nonprofits fulfill their mission, is an Org We Love.

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