International Justice Mission

Fighting to End Slavery in Our Lifetime

International Justice Mission: Fighting to End Slavery in Our Lifetime
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

When you hear the word “slavery” what is the first image that flickers in your mind? If you are like our team your first thought would be plantations and the suffering of families captured and sold from Africa centuries ago. There is a veil over slavery and a misconception that it is a foregone practice of humanity’s past. The unfortunate truth is that slavery affects more lives today than ever before in history, and on a significantly larger scale. Millions of children, women, young boys and impoverished people internationally and within our borders are trapped and forced into slavery. The map shown below reveals how prevalent slavery is across the world today.


Who is IJM

The International Justice Mission (IJM) exists to work with local justice officials, community partners, advocates and people like you to end slavery for good. They are are a global organization partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty and trapped in the confines of slavery. With international offices, they can identify, organize and rescue enslaved and victimized peoples, and bring those accountable to justice. Every step from organizing, facilitating, rescuing and defending people’s lives is what makes IJM a truly inspirational organization. Their work is impacting lives every day and leading the fight to end slavery now. This is a video from their site that explores the work being done internationally by their organization.

Part of our rebranding process over the summer of 2019 was discovering humanitarian and social impact organizations whose mission and passion inspired and captivated our team. IJM stood out upon discovering the undeniable truth of slavery’s existence today. Most of our leadership staff have children, and the realization of millions of victimized and suffering youths across the globe was more than enough to name IJM as a truly inspiring organization we loved. We continue to follow and support their mission to this day, and will always be in it to END IT.

It is organizations like IJM that are fighting non-stop to make a difference. Their three-tier proven solution (shown below) has helped rescue slaves, raise awareness, and strengthen local justice systems to not let the victims go unnoticed. source

1. Rescue and restore victims

They find the children and families who are victims of violence, forced labor, or sex trafficking. They then support local police in rescue operations and help meet the victims’ urgent needs, like safe housing, food, medical care, counseling, and education. They walk alongside survivors until they are fully restored.

2. Bring criminals to justice

They make sure criminals cannot continue to harm vulnerable children, women and men. They do this by working with local law enforcement in investigating, arresting and charging slave owners with crimes. Then their lawyers and partners continue to fight in courtrooms until those slave owners are put behind bars.

3. Strengthen justice systems

Slavery still exists because traffickers and abusers can freely exploit people living in poverty. This is possible because police, judges and other officials are not equipped to enforce the laws. They provide training, mentoring and support to local law enforcement and other community leaders to slow down and stop the cycle of violence.

IJM is fighting to end slavery and violence today. Through their outreach and local justice advocates, rescue is not only possible, but it is happening. We love the work IJM is doing to impact children, families, and people affected by violence and slavery. Their mission is incredibly important and with help and support can generate global impact. Click this link to view IJM’s stories of rescue. Or use the button below to visit their site and show your support. Thank you IJM for all you do, your work is changing lives and we are proud to celebrate your impact.

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