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Environmental Champions

McClung Companies: Environmental Champions
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

The employee-owned McClung Companies demonstrate stewardship for our community and the planet by reducing their environmental impact.

Printed products have made a huge comeback. This rise in print outreach has come with deep environmental concerns for unused or discarded materials. McClung Companies have committed to reducing their environmental footprint by adopting best practices and using renewable resources.

Their press department uses soy-based inks that are bio-degradable, require less ink, and are quicker to recycle. In addition, McClung uses paper from sustainably-managed forests. 

A Legacy of Innovation

For 70 plus years, McClung Companies has supported businesses and nonprofits throughout Virginia through print and digital experiences that tell inspiring stories. Their history of innovation has generated benevolent impact and will continue to for years to come. McClung is an excellent example of an org we love.

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