Mercy Ships

Lifesaving Heroism Too Big to Grasp

Mercy Ships: Lifesaving Heroism Too Big to Grasp
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Yuki Weaver

Yuki Weaver

Nonprofit Champion

Each year, 16.9 million people die from lack of access to surgical care, primarily from sub-Saharan Africa.

But 16.9 million is a really big number – too big to truly grasp.

So let’s talk about 2 year old Emmanoel. He had a growing tumor in his mouth that was restricting his airway and making it harder and harder for him to breathe. By the time he and his family found Mercy Ships, lack of oxygen was causing him to lose consciousness multiple times a day. Local clinics found the problem, but could not operate. His parents had run out of options. That is, until the heroes aboard the Africa Mercy arrived to provide the life-saving surgery he needed.

Kids like Emmanoel are why more than 2000 volunteers from 50 different countries serve with Mercy Ships each year to provide access to safe surgery and medical training to as many people as possible. Partnering with other healthcare organizations, Mercy Ships provides equipment as well as construction or renovation of medical facilities in local communities while supporting the residents through food production initiatives.

This year, Mercy Ships plans to more than DOUBLE their capacity with the world’s largest NGO hospital ship, Global Mercy. This new ship will feature

  • a 7,000 square meter state-of-the-art hospital with 6 operating rooms
  • training spaces including simulation labs with VR and AR
  • on-board rooms for pre and post-op appointments

Throughout Global Mercy’s projected 50 year lifespan, it is expected that as many as 150,000 people will be served by onboard surgery alone.

Global Mercy and its 600+ volunteer medical staff and crew need your support to continue their good work. Aside from volunteering on the ship, there are multiple ways to give through donations to Mercy Ships or direct support for the volunteer crew.

Through such awe-inspiring heroism that is almost too big to grasp, Mercy Ships is truly an Org We Love.

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