Progress for a Purpose

Progress for a Purpose
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

Thinking Internally

It began with a desire to reskin the Chiedo Labs brand messaging. The focus up until this point had been working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. After 7 years of working within this target market and serving locally, our team decided a refocus was needed to accelerate growth and pursue larger projects.

A group of participants attended a content mining workshop to discover purpose, direction and put ideas and pictures on paper. The benevolent business workshop was led by Brian Greenwald of bPOZ. The result was a day full of groupthink with introspection that yielded goofy drawings, teambuilding, and our core value.

We uncovered through this workshop the tools we would need to shape our future and reinvent Chiedo Labs. “Let’s build a Spaceship” became our identity, that we were high tech experts ready to build anything to drive innovation. The true takeaway from the workshop was our combined passion for projects and organizations that drive change and create an impact at home and abroad.

The workshop with bPOZ is what laid the framework for our future rebranding.

Clarity and Vision

Our founder Chiedo is not a fan of putting things off if he can help it. Chiedo Labs was chosen as the company name because it “sounded cool” and the conversation ended there. It was while attending a hackathon event for the International Mission Board in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, that Chiedo realized that the future for the company was not in spaceships but world-changing organizations. 

He returned with a vision to reinvent the company by becoming a benevolent brand that focused externally on doing work that led to impact by doing good internally first. This came from his realization of the fulfillment and passion our team had working on projects that affected change. The original workshop group would now be tasked with a month-long project to fully rebrand the company.


Our team met bi-weekly to uncover the company we wanted to be. We looked back on the content workshop for inspiration in word generating to create a name that held value and spoke to our vision. What we discovered was building a purpose-driven brand was more of a challenge than just what sounded good. 

The brand naming process we constructed was to first, identify competitors and review their messaging and deliverables. This was done to scope the market and see how companies represented their services. We then identified 50 organizations that inspired us who we wanted to work with. Then we discussed and explored our why. We searched for words and phrases that described who and what we wanted to be and the things that made us a unique company. This would lead us to generate hundreds of words. Shifting through 400 words on a whiteboard is not an easy task, but does yield results. Our efforts led to Generate Impact, a name that defines our purpose.

Within a month of Chiedo’s vision, Generate Impact was born. 

Going All In

Being a benevolent brand means doing work for an impact both externally and internally. Generate Impact is doubling down on our efforts to empower and make a difference. We exist as a company to generate a benevolent impact that fulfills human needs through technology. 2020 will challenge us to broaden our reach and deliver on our purpose. We are all in!