Save The Children

Protecting the Future

Save The Children: Protecting the Future
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Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

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For many of us, childhood included remarkable advantages that are easy to take for granted.

We had one or two parents, and perhaps an extended family, who were willing to sacrifice almost anything for our well-being. 

They fed us, protected us, gave us a home, clothed us, kept us healthy, educated us, showed us love and worked incredibly hard so we didn’t have to.

Now imagine what your childhood would have been like if you did not have those advantages. If your early life was marked by deprivation, insecurity, physical danger, and a lack of opportunity.

For millions of children living in war zones, displaced from their homes and countries by poverty, unrest and natural disasters, separated from their families at borders or living in countries that ignore the rights of children, that is their reality today. 

Imagine it was you or your children.

Save The Children has been doing more than imagining it. They have been taking courageous action to protect children and our collective future for over 100 years.

The world’s first global childrens’ rights organization, Save The Children has changed the lives of over 1 billion children, and is dedicated to the idea that every child has the right to grow up healthy, educated and safe.

Back in 1919 when Save The Children was founded, the concept that children have rights was an unconventional idea, and yet even with the progress made it is a problem that is growing exponentially today. 

That’s why the work of Save The Children is so important. Working in over 120 countries, in 2019 alone they reached over 144 million children, including 328,000 here in America.

Save the Children is a global leader in child-focused humanitarian responses, including lifesaving relief, recovery programs and local emergency preparedness. Because of their heroic mission that touches us deeply, they are an Org We Love.

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