STEAM Discovery Academy

Igniting Kid’s Minds Online

STEAM Discovery Academy: Igniting Kid’s Minds Online
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Kevan Olsen

Kevan Olsen

Platform Tech Specialist

Did you know a box can change a child’s life?

Overnight, parents have become educators tasked with in-home learning, all while juggling work and navigating the current lockdown. The educators at STEAM Discovery Academy, who are parents themselves, are offering an innovative solution.

STEAM’s new virtual camp provides an engaging and interactive experience, designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians (STEAM). 

The camp goes beyond standard curriculum with live video courses and an “edutainment” care package, “The Box”, filled with exciting and fun activities to keep kids active, interested, and having fun. The tools and materials included four customized workshops led by expert instructors that encourage creative problem solving and collaboration. 

Lisel Bruscia, Executive Director of STEAM Discovery Academy, describes the concept of the program as a way to help kids become more resilient. “We live in a world where kids are expected to be perfect all the time, to follow a path, and always know the correct answer. Our camps encourage students to make mistakes, so they are challenged to come up with creative solutions while having fun!” 


STEAM is a family-owned business founded by Lisel and her husband Michael Bruscia that has been inspiring young minds since 2016. They are passionate about igniting kid’s interest in all fields of STEAM through teamwork, leadership, and FUN! We love STEAM Discovery Academy and their dedication to improving education and giving kids life-changing experiences…with or without “The Box”.

STEAM’s virtual camps change the way kids think about learning. Click below to learn more about current offerings and enroll your kids!