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Can Tech Save Nonprofits?

The Nonprofit Show: Can Tech Save Nonprofits?
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Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

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I recently had the great privilege to join Julia C. Patrick, CEO and Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy and host of The Nonprofit Show, to talk about technology and nonprofits, and how viewing any technology as the magic answer to organizational challenges is often a mistake.

Technology is not a solution. It is the ACCELERATOR of solutions designed by heart-centered people who work for the mission every day.

Before investing in and deploying any technology, we must first take a step back and consider human needs, process and organizational realities, and how new tools will be adopted and maintained by people on the front lines. Taking a tech LAST approach can help you do that.

It was a great conversation and one I would like to continue to explore with all our friends in the Generate_Impact community. Please check out the video below.