Why I Work at Generate_Impact

From Stay-at-Home Dad to Nonprofit Superfan

Why I Work at Generate_Impact
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Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

Nonprofit Superfan

I had decided to become a stay-at-home dad.

It was the summer of 2019, and I was utterly burnt out.

I had been running my brand and creative services business for the last 2 years, and while it was growing, I was deeply, deeply exhausted. I couldn’t do the 7 day weeks and 12 hour days anymore. Frankly, I was miserable, and I was lost.

For the 25 years before that, I had worked in corporate environments in a variety of roles and industries. I was grateful for those rich experiences, yet in the back of my mind was this gnawing feeling that my career was something that happened TO me, as opposed to something I chose.

For most of that time, the gap between the interesting "what" and the mysterious "why" filled me with doubt.

For most of that time, I felt like a cog in a wheel. While I appreciated the steady paycheck and perception of stability, my heart yearned for something more meaningful.

At that moment, in the summer of 2019, I had no idea what that was.

So, I shut everything down, brought home a mid-life crisis puppy (in lieu of a red sports car – not my style), and spent my days gardening, doing dishes & laundry, hanging with my youngest son, trying to heal, and wondering what the point of it all was.

I settled in with the conviction that I was done. A dropout at 50 with cratered self-worth.

Three months later, Generate_Impact appeared.

Here was a group of people that had made a deliberate choice to make their work about something deeper than profit. That saw their teammates as humans and not just resources, and their clients as community and not just a means to an invoice.

Here was a business that asked the same questions that I had been asking for years:

“What might we CONTRIBUTE to as opposed to EXTRACT from the world?”

“How might our existence be an investment in WELL-BEING and FULFILLMENT
for everyone we touch?”

“What if we focus our services on the BENEVOLENCE creators of the

“What if we built a community of people who just want to HELP?”

As much as I was was nourished by my dropout life, I simply could not resist. I dove right in.

Going on three years later, those questions and the choices they inspire are growing into something special.

Today, we are serving the REAL superheroes of the world – the incredible people at organizations that are fighting for every human being’s right for health, education, clothing, housing, safety, freedom of thought and choice, and a healthy planet, without excluding anyone.

We serve the BENEVOLENCE creators, and every day, I choose to work for a company that has BENEVOLENCE as its core business strategy. Every day, my “job” feels like an incredible gift.

The result is we are growing, and we need more people who want to make that choice and be a part of such a community.

We need those who want to pursue their own well-being and fulfillment and support the same for others. We need people who want to HELP.

If that sounds like you, JOIN OUR TEAM.