Why We Choose Benevolence

Why We Choose Benevolence
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Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

Nonprofit Superfan

In early 2019, we noticed something.

With the exception of a handful of purpose-driven clients and projects, most of our work didn’t feel particularly important.

Yes, it was important in the conventional sense. However, in the larger sense, we felt we lacked a higher purpose.

In searching for that purpose, we realized what gave us joy and meaning was the work that made a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Work that reverberated beyond the amount of cash on our balance sheet.

As a result, we renamed ourselves Generate__Impact and made a decision. From now on, we would be a “Benevolent Business”. We would choose benevolence as our purpose.

Why choose benevolence, and what is it? For us, benevolence means one thing.

There is enough.

There is enough food, water, medicine, materials, expertise and love in this world to meet every human being’s universal need for health, education, clothing, housing, safety, freedom of thought, right of personal belief and personal choice in a sustainable environment that provides opportunity to all, without excluding or harming anyone.

The refusal to accept otherwise is what benevolence means to us.

We are not naïve. We know we can’t make that happen on our own. We are not the heroes – we are technologists. What we CAN do is bring our technology expertise and our passion to OUR heroes’ missions and help them create and deliver more…benevolence.

Benevolence needed more than ever.

So that is what we have chosen. To celebrate and serve humanitarian, social impact, and sustainability organizations and causes EXCLUSIVELY.

Naïve? Perhaps. But imagine if more of us saw our businesses as fundamental investments in well-being and fulfillment for EVERYONE?

Would we be naïve then?

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